Why Steroids are Indispensable in Bodybuilding

Whenever we hear steroids, what comes to mind? Big hulking men with  5% body fat? At least that would be what most people would think. But what are steroids exactly? How do they work? Steroids are a man-made substance and a derivative of testosterone, a naturally occurring male hormone. Testosterone is responsible for male characteristics. A deeper voice, beard and facial hair and the most sought after are its ability to build muscle mass. This is the reason why anabolic steroids became so popular with athletes and bodybuilders. It enhanced their form and performance.

     Steroids started out as a medical treatment for depression. It was used in WWII as medication for malnourished soldiers and much to their surprise, the soldiers bulked up and improved their performance on the field. After the war, it was used by soviet athletes to the detriment of their competitors. This made the first real bad reputation for steroid use. It was a compound used to cheat in sports and that is not a good thing anywhere. Pretty soon Steroids for sale USA began a massive campaign as it was learned that it bulked up and made bodybuilding easier and faster.  More and more males began to Buy steroids online to improve their appearance.

Steroid Use

     More than anything, this ability of the synthesized testosterone to build muscle mass in a short period of time is responsible for its popularity in body building. The use of steroids became a staple in the bodybuilding industry. Popular actors and famous bodybuilders have added to the attraction of steroids to the masses. The younger generation of users actually thought that almost zero or no muscle mass can be achieved without it. The media made sure that they think that way. In retrospect though, can you build muscle and be as ripped as Hollywood makes out what a muscle bound hunk should be?

     An in-depth study of natural VS. steroid use was conducted. The study clearly pointed out the differences of working out without steroids VS with Steroid and the results are significantly different.  Let me tell you, even in a group that just received daily doses of testosterone without doing any training, there is a huge improvement in muscle mass. So even in the absence of any training, Buy Steroid Cycle Steroids for sale USA still improved and added to the muscle mass of those that received it in daily doses. Now the significance of this is mind-boggling. How much more if you properly train yourself while receiving the compound? The study also showed how much muscle build up you can get while receiving steroids and it is massive. I am not even going to get into the discussion of having side effects. For people who are looking to improve their appearance that is actually a small trade-off.  Not to mention that the debate is still ongoing about the safe use of steroids.

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