What to Look For When Selecting a Physician for Women’s Health

Women can suffer from medical problems that are entirely different from problems men suffer from. These problems are largely linked with the menstrual cycle, breast-related conditions, pregnancy, and other issues related to the reproductive system.

A woman’s visit to the doctor is not mandated only when a medical condition is already there. In fact, it is important to consult a general physician for regular checkups to ensure early identification and resolution of potential conditions.

The first part of the treatment, however, begins with the selection of an appropriate physician for women’s health. If you are looking for a good physician, go for a physician who:

Physician for Women's Health

1.     Is highly-recommended and has good reviews

The best way to tell if a women’s physician is worth consulting is by asking your family, friends, and acquaintances about them. If the people around you vouch for this particular physician that you are considering, you can also consider them. Don’t forget to dive into the doctor’s skills, experience, and bedside manner when conducting the inquiry.

Check for the online reviews, too. Once you have a handful of physician names, check their rating on websites that rate doctors, such as healthgrades.com, vitals.com, and zocdoc.com. You will get to see a long list of comments and star ratings. Remember that a small number of negative reviews do not make for a sufficient reason to abandon a doctor.

2.     Is experienced

Experience is something you can’t NOT consider when it is about finding someone who will have a huge influence on your overall health. Look for the doctor’s credentials online and see that the bio they have matches with their bio on doctor rating websites.

Search where and when the doctor completed their education, if they are certified/licensed, their practice tenure so far, their affiliations and specialties, and if they have been subjected to any complaints or disciplinary action.

3.     Has the ability to control uncomfortable situations

As a woman, it is normal for doctors to ask or discuss things like menstrual cycles, contraceptives, and/or pregnancy during appointments. Make sure you choose someone you will be comfortable talking to and hearing from on all these sensitive, secret topics.

4.     Has bedside manners

A doctor without bedside manners will make you lose confidence and increase the level of discomfort. You obviously want a doctor who will not only listen to you but also respect you as a person. The best doctors will encourage a two-way communication and ensure everything is done professionally.

5.     Consider whether gender is important to you

 One issue that women need to consider is the gender of the doctor. This could be either because of one’s personal choice or because of cultural norms that bound them to go for a female doctor only. Whatever the reason may be, if this is of concern, make sure you incorporate it when looking for a physician. In this case, you can go for a hospice that has female doctors and nurses like Treasure Valley Family Medicine’s FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner).

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