Some therapists say that use of some beverages has real and incredible relief for the bones, back and joint pains.  The use of natural juices, for example, is essential in eliminating and sometimes reducing the pain.  The juices in addition to playing this role are essential as they ensure that the body energy is boosted. Other beverages still have detoxification effects.  The greatest advantage of using the juices, for example, is that you do not require any prescription. You can have your simple plan. You can have them anytime as there are no issues with overdosing. You can, therefore, have a glass every time you need it. Juices from the fruits are vital for other benefits including provision of essential nutrients in the body especially the minerals and the vitamins.  Use these drinks to reduce or alleviate any joint or back pains.

Pineapple Juice

The beverage is amongst the best as a therapy for any arthritis condition.  It has anti-inflammatory effects. It is vital for reduction of inflammation and consequently pain that affects the joints.  It is also useful and essential for the treatment of those injuries that people suffer from especially after falling or in sports.  Also, the juice is essential for the provision of essential and necessary minerals and vitamins. The body needs and requires them in good and sufficient amounts. The juice is thus useful for you when you have the pains. You do not only take the milk when you have the pains. You can use it when there are no pains. It keeps the pains away from the back and the joints.

Pineapple Juice

Cherry Juice

The juice is also an excellent and great choice for fighting arthritis and back pains.  The products contain copper and beta-carotene. The two are vital for treatment of arthritis, especially RA. The product, therefore, prevents bone joint pain. Ensure that you take the juice in sufficient amounts. It gives you pain relieving for those aching bones and joints.

Green Tea

The tea has an adverse-oxidation impact in the body.  It is a better option compared to the black tea.  Green tea is important in the prevention of for example Psoriatic arthritis. It helps in the reduction of inflammation in the joints and the bones. Catechins also present aid in ensuring that the cartilage remains in place and does not break. It is essential for prevention of OA, RA also important for Psoriatic Arthritis treatment. Use more of the beverage to reduce pains that result from the arthritis conditions.

Raw Potato Juice

You can use raw potatoes and prepare juice to help you with the pains in the joints and the bones.  Slice the potatoes into thin slices. Ensure that you then soak them for the night. Ensure you slice the potatoes with the peels on. Do not remove the skins. You should then take a glass of the juice in the morning before having breakfast. The fluid is essential for prevention of pains in the joints. It is especially suitable for psoriatic arthritis treatment. Maintain proper hygiene while making preparation for the juice. The sauce is traditional but is one among the best remedies as it aids in the pain alleviation. Patients with arthritis need to embrace the use of the beverage for reduction of the effects of illnesses with the help of the juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one good arthritis treatment option. It has essential minerals including magnesium and calcium. Also, it has phosphorous and potassium. All the minerals mentioned are necessary for the health of the bones.  They maintain the health and strength of the bones.  It is also a useful and important antioxidant in the body.  It reduces the damages of arthritis to the joints and the bones.  It also has enzymes that ensure proper and efficient food digestion for healthy and active bones.  The juice acts in reducing the bone stiffness and improving flexibility.


In a nutshell, some of the beverages can have real effects on arthritis and joint pains. They are available and if not, they are easy to make or prepare in the kitchen. Most of the drinks, for example, offer more benefits than just fighting arthritis. It is therefore very essential to use these drinks. They can make life more bearable by reducing your pains. Most of the options are also preventive measures for the conditions of bones and joint pains.


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