Top 5 Hair Transplants Myths You Need to Get Aware

Most of the men are experiencing the hair loss/baldness problem due to the genetic caused factor and go into depression. But, nowadays hair transplant in India is one of the best decisions to get the procedure done with utmost natural outcomes. Most of us believe that the procedure of hair implantation is as much costly as it is pain resultant and scar affected, but the fact is different. The hair transplant procedure is completely a painless and scarless if performed by the best Surgeon yet there are many preconceptions or myths circulating about hair transplant and therefore patient moves to take the wrong decision with opting the temporary treatment like therapy or medications and spoils their lot of time in here & there rather than choosing the final one to get the permanent solution. So, it is very important to get aware of those particular myths that are very close to the restoration procedure.

Hair Transplants Myths

Take a look at the Myths that are circulating about the hair transplant procedure are as follows:

  1. It is a Painful Procedure: This is the most common myth as the procedure involves the incision & suture process with the FUT hair transplant, but it is very common and the expert Surgeon uses the local anesthesia to reduce the effect of pain. So, it is a painless procedure if proper management is considered and opted for the appropriate measure.
  2. It is a Scar resultant Procedure: Most of us believe that the hair transplant is a scar resultant procedure as the suture leaves the scars, but it is not correct as the advanced technique & equipment makes the procedure effect with utmost aesthetic concern and there is no probability of getting even a single scar if Surgeon uses the advanced closing technique with the Trichophytic closure. So, it is a myth that the procedure of hair transplant is a scar resultant.
  3. The Transplanted Hair falls after the Procedure: Exactly right! Just immediately after the procedure firstly, the implanted hair shed out as a process of scabs to flake off at 7 days post-procedure, but again the transplanted hair regenerates and takes the natural effect of the length, caliber, and color. So, once the roots are transplanted it remains forever till life as a part of the natural hair. The transplanted hair grows, changed their color as you age and shedding process also occurs due to the Telogen stage of hair growth cycle and therefore there is no need to worry about the loss of hair immediately after the procedure. So, shedding of hair between 5 days to 3 weeks is normal after the procedure as these grafts will grow at about 6 months.
  4. Have to take Medicines All your life: It is not true as the procedure of hair restoration is one of the single permanent options to get back the original hair and once the hair is transplanted onto the recipient bald portion there is no need to take any medicines or therapy to sustain those hairs. The most important aspect of the hair transplant procedure is their permanent effect as the patient achieves their own hair back from his own scalp, which lasted till life.
  5. Hair transplant is only for Men: It is the most common myth about the hair transplant that it is only for men, but the fact is that it is both for men & women as the women also got affected by the pattern hair loss termed as the female pattern baldness and transplantation of hair requires to get over the problem of hair thinning permanently.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant applies a true meaning of treatment that permanently sorts out the problem of hair loss/baldness as the best cosmetic options in India performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeons.

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