Top 5 free sports timer for iOS and Android

If you have decided to do some work out, it does not mean to you will always need some specialized sports mobile apps. Sometimes, all you need is a good old timer, because your workout program is probably already designed by your coach down to the second. In this case, you should use some sports timers, in which there is nothing unnecessary. Today we would like to offer you TOP 5 Timer options, which are available both for Android phones like HTC Desire etc. and IOS devices.

Interval Timer

This reliable timer is ideal for both home training, and training in the gym. It can be used for running, cycling, strength training with weights, stretching, boxing, MMA training and, of course, for high intensity interval training.

Main functions
• Customizable approaches for workouts of high and low intensity, as well as the ability to set intervals of rest between them.
• The support of a multi-task mode.
• Continues to work on a lock screen.
• Plays music from the selected playlist.
• The ability to publish workouts to Facebook and Twitter.
• The ability to save settings of your workouts as a template.

Seconds – is equally reliable and functional version of a sports timer.

Main functions include the following:
• Templates for high-intensity interval training, tabata, circuit trainings, and many others.
• Ability to configure timers to create any imaginable intervals.
• The support of heartbeat sensors (via Bluetooth).
• Ability to choose sound signals (loud or quiet ones).
• Synchronization of music with intervals.
• Works on all devices.
• The support for external display and AirPlay Mirroring.
• Runs in the background.
• The ability to share your results on Facebook and Twitter.
• Integration with Apple Health on iPhone

Runtastic Timer

Runtastic Timer is a practical, simple and easy to use timer that features a voice accompaniment during a workout.

Main functions
• Set up the training time, rest periods, number of sets.
• Voice accompaniment (no need to constantly look at your smartphone screen, which is extremely comfortable).
• Create a virtually infinite number of timers and save them as a template.
• Choose your own music for every workout.
• Adjust the music volume for each phase.
• Shows how long a training lasts and how much time is left.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro

Despite its name, Tabata Stopwatch is a timer that along with the apps presented above is suitable for any interval training: running, functional training, high-intensity interval trainings, and so on.

Main functions
• Includes a classic Tabata workout, which is already customized
• Manual adjustment of time for warming up.
• Set periods for work, rest, recovery and time between workouts.
• Set the number of sets.
• The ability to switch between sets during a workout or take a break, if needed.
• Works on a lock screen.
• Set sounds and vibrations.
• Voice accompaniment
• Choose music tracks for training.

So this wraps our list of TOP 5 Timer options for Android and IOS. In case you are looking for some smartphone, you could use as your second devices, say, for workouts, we suggest you visit to check used phones prices.

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