Three Reasons Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction in Men below the Age of 30 Years

Erectile dysfunction is a condition, which comes in men after the age of 50. In the recent scenario, I have gone through several blogs and forums, and a large number of enquiries on this subject made me change my perception. Several young men are asking how to deal with this issue. Recently I have written an article, whether men cannot suffer from erectile dysfunction in their 20s and 30s. Much to my surprise, this blog was a big hit, but there was a hidden thing, which is revealed. This is revealed that nowadays a large number of men below 30 years of age are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Whatever the reasons are, but impotence is prevalent in nearly all the age groups. With every passing day, this is becoming serious and in this article, we will discuss what erectile dysfunction is and what are the reasons responsible?

Erectile Dysfunction in Men

What is erectile dysfunction?

Many people get confused and think that erectile dysfunction means premature ejaculation. However, premature ejaculation is something different. This is a situation when due to over stimulation, men are discharged or ejaculated. This ejaculation can happen after penetration or even before it.

On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve proper erections capable of penetration. In many cases, there is no arousal at all and because of absence of erection, men cannot perform the act of lovemaking. This brings in several psychological issues. This issue gives birth to relationship problems that is why it is imperative to order viagra pour homme prix and deal with it at the earliest possible.

Leading causes of erectile dysfunction

Alcohol consumption

Whether you are below the age of 30 or crossed 40 years of age, excessive alcohol consumption will bring its consequences. Men who are suffering with this issue can recall that when they are intoxicated, they find it difficult to perform. Moreover, if you consume a little amount of alcohol, even the moderate amount will also affect your erections. You will notice that your erections are normal when you are completely free from alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative and it affects the central nervous system. It will make you addict and effect the male libido by regular consumption. It will disturb the brain signals to your heart, which will pump the blood. When the blood supply is not proper, you cannot get proper erection. In order to cure your erectile dysfunction, you can order viagra pour homme prix online.


Nicotine is responsible for building the plague and hardening of the arteries. When the space in the arteries is reduced, your body has to work harder to supply the blood to different parts of the body. This is the reason why your penis cannot catch required blood supply, which results in improper erection.


In the present situation, we are dependent on consuming junk food items because we do not have time to prepare healthy food at home. This is increasing obesity in children and teenagers as well as adults. People who are not working out are prone to develop obesity and if it is not addressed in time, it will bring in diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. When your body is suffering from a disease, this is natural that you cannot get a proper erection.

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