The Usage Of Sustanon

Sustanon is a steroid that is used for increasing levels of testosterone in the human body and it is also used for bodybuilding and for enhancing athletic performance. This is available in injectable form especially to treat low testosterone levels in men.  The most common form of this steroid is sustanon 250 which has four different forms differentiated by four different esters; it is used to treat patients suffering from low levels of testosterone.  Sustanon results in clinical studies are both positive and negative like:

The Usage Of Sustanon

Positive effects

  • Putting on mass- this compound contains and has good quantity of calories which helps to provide muscle mass with less body fat. It also helps to increase body strength and as this product is loaded with testosterone it enhances metabolism level which helps in less amount of body mass accumulation.
  • Helps in cutting-sustanon helps in enhancing the cycle of cutting as it sustains the lean tissue. Due to this product the body is able to maintain the lean tissue which is responsible for rapid fat burning and this combined with characteristics of testosterone helps to burn fat more quickly.
  • Overall enhancement- this cuts down fat and enhances muscle mass and muscle endurance which is ideal for enhancing athletic performance.

Just like the positives it also has some negative effects like:

  • The testosterone is converted into estrogen; this increase in the level of estrogen lead to problems like the development of breast among males and also leads to extensive water retention in them.
  • High blood pressure is another problem caused due to this; so people suffering from high blood pressure should refrain from this.
  • High cholesterol is also caused because of this so people suffering from it should also refrain from it.
  • Prostate enlargement is another problem.
  • Those who are not healthy and suffer from some health problems should also avoid

The sustanon dosage cycle

  • 250 mg per week- this is a very low dose and mainly people who are suffering from low testosterone level take it. This dosage level shuts down the natural production of testosterone level.
  • 500 mg per week- if one wants to witness good results then this is the minimum dose level; this dosage level result in good first cycle and no other product is needed to control estrogen level.
  • 750 mg per week- there are more noticeable changes in this dosage cycle but it is required to take products to control the level of estrogen.
  • 1000 mg per week- this is a very high level of dose and is advisable for only advanced and middle level users. Unless the results are static there is no need for taking a higher dose than this.

Take a good look at the sustanon results in clinical studies and then make the decision of purchasing it and those suffering from the above mention problems should refrain from using it as the usage of this can further increase the problem and lead to some serious health issue.

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