The Treatment For Inhalants

Inhalants are one of the most abused substances around the world. Mostly, the abusers soak substances in a bag or put them in a plastic bag before bringing them near the mouth or nose. This enables them to inhale the substances with ease. Most of the inhalants abused by the addicts include model glue, cleaning solvents, spray paints, nail polish, cooking spray and others. Rehabilitation centers have come up with reliable methods f treating these addictions including the following:

Treatment For Inhalants

  • Individual therapy. Individual therapy is one of the treatments for inhalants as it is very effective in treating each individual as a case. The therapy involves use of medications to reverse the effects of the inhalants in the body. If used for along time, inhalants can lead to brain damage, kidney damage as well as loss of memory. To reverse these effects, the body must be subjected to the relevant medications that will cleanse the body of the effects of these substances. Normally, rehab centers have the right medications for the treatment of the cases.
  • Group therapy. Sometimes, the centers use group therapy as a means of healing the addicts from the effects of the inhalants. This is very important for it helps tackle their challenges as a group and thus encourage each other in the challenges that they are facing in the process. This helps in strengthening their resolve towards healing from the substance abuse. Unlike drugs and alcohol, inhalants are readily available in a home as they are substances that are used in doing other tasks and functions. For example, model glue is used as an adhesive in a home setting.
  • Family therapy. The centers include sessions where they include the family of the addict in the treatment. Such sessions are normally characterized by counselling that seeks to provide both the addict and the family with quality information on their treatment. In addition, the family members are briefed on ways to assist the addict through the healing process. This is very important because there are times when the addict goes through pain and trauma. It is the role of the family members to assist this patient when recovering at home. Such therapies have proved very effective because they not only help the patient in healing, but also equip the family with valuable information regarding treatment of the patient.
  • 12- Step education.  The most important point in the treatment of the addict is the 12-step education process that helps take the addict through the process of healing, rehabilitation and recovery. This is very important because the addicts need to know how to live once they are out of treatment at the centers. The process of treatments for inhalants is effective when you follow the right process.

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