How to Tell if a Loved One needs Drug Rehab

Dealing with a drug addiction is difficult.  In fact it is generally harder for those who are supported and loving the addict than it is for the person needing drug rehab.  This is because drug addiction usually starts from a small amount of drugs which gradually builds to a dependency.  The person suffering from the addiction will, at first see it as a bit of fun, then it will become a part of their life before taking over.  At this stage their life will revolve around where their next ‘hit’ is coming from.  The earlier you can identify a drug addiction in someone you love then the easier it will be to get treatment for them.  Common signs that your loved one needs a drug rehab clinic are:

Drug Rehab


Drug addicts tend to focus on their need for a drug and not how they may appear to others.  This can mean paying much less attention to their appearance.  Their clothes may be dirty, miss-matched or simply very crumpled.


It is normal for someone with a drug addiction to start changing the way they act.  They may become more withdrawn and sullen, often argumentative or even abusive.  This is a result of them being unable to focus on an issue for any length of time.  They may also feel unable to control their reactions and uncomfortable in their own skin; all reflected in the way they behave.

It is also common for someone who needs drug rehab to have mood swings.  They will be irritable whilst waiting for their next supply of drugs; once the drugs are administered they will probably be happy again.


Most drug addicts get either red eyes or glassy eyes.  The cause of this is not certain, although a lack of ability to sleep and the body to function properly is thought to play a part.  The eyes are connected to the nose through the sinus and it is common for both to be affected.  Someone with a drug issue is likely to have a runny nose; without any other symptoms of a cold.  This will also persist over a period of time.


A loved one with a drug issue will lose interest in their favorite hobbies and pastimes.  At first they may reduce their activities, before, ultimately stopping them altogether.  This is the stage when they have become completely dependent on the drug and can only focus on when they will get more of it.


Drugs have a different effect on everyone but many people who develop an issue find that their sleep patterns change.  They are more likely to sleep during the day and be awake at night time; this can make it very difficult to hold down a job and, consequently, it is common for employment and finances to start suffering.

It is important to note that many of these symptoms can be present for other reasons, such as a cold or infection.  Drug users will develop the symptoms and they will continue over a long period of time.  If your loved one is displaying all these symptoms there is a good chance they have a drugs issue and need support; contact a medical professional immediately!

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