How to tell if your Child has an Ear Infection

As a parent, your child’s health becomes an issue of concern. When your child is sick, your life will feel like it is going downhill. In sickness, babies tend to cry a lot and they can catch a fever. What is even worse, their feeding is affected as well.

However, it is normal for children to get sick. For starters, there are hundreds of viruses around and babies do not have the immunity to fight all of them. Other than cold and flu which affects most babies, ear infection is also very common in small children.

Babies who have an ear infection tend to be fussy and they keep tugging their ear (or ears). As a parent, you should be very keen when it comes to your baby. Other ear infection telltale signs that you should look out for include loss of appetite, fever, fluid oozing from the ears and trouble sleeping. If you baby shows some or all of these symptoms, check if the child has trouble responding to sounds

Ear Infection

 What exactly is an ear Infection?

Ear infection defines itself. It is an infection in the ear that might cause a painful inflammation in the middle ear. Some children who have an ear infection may experience ruptured eardrum. However, it is imperative for parents to understand that not every ear ache is an ear infection.

Ear infections are caused by bacteria, the same bacteria that brings respiratory problems, coughs and/or sore throat. So, if your baby recently had a cough or sore throat, she might get an infection. However, some ear infections are caused by a virus and they can be treated with antibiotics. To be safe, consult a physician when you notice that your baby is crying more than usual and repeatedly tugs her ear.

How Can I prevent Ear Infection

Although it is hard to prevent ear infection especially in children, there are different ways in which you can reduce the chances of an infection. Some powerful steps that will lessen the chances of an infection include;

  • Consult a pediatrician – a baby specialist is the right person to talk to about your baby’s well being. So, to know what is right and what is not right for baby, call your doctor. You can also consult one Becker ENT pediatrician’s for trusted advice on earaches.
  • Wash your hands before handling the baby – germs are everywhere, right? So to keep your baby healthy, wash your hands regularly and have others do the same. Also ensure that you wash your hands before and after cleaning your baby’s ears and nose, and after every diaper change.
  • Breastfeeding – well breast fed babies are immune to a multiple of infections. The mother’s breast milk is the best medicine for children. So, breastfeed your little one as recommended.
  • Make sure that your baby gets a vaccine against flu and pneumonia.

Are Ear Infections Contagious?

Yes, an ear infection is contagious especially if the infection follows a cold or other viral infections.


Joanne Williams is a pediatrician and part time psychologists. If you are wondering whether your child has an ear infection or not, please visit Becker ENT for information on Ear, Nose and Throat. You can also read more about ENT on her blog.

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