Is A Swedish Massage The Best Cure For Your Stress?

There are many different types of massage and each one is supposed to serve a slightly different purpose.  For example, hot stone massages are given to help relax aching muscles and give them the opportunity to repair themselves.  As everyone leads increasingly stressful lives there are many people who are searching for the best massage to cure or reduce their stress levels.  A massage is only a partial cure as it can relieve symptoms and improve your range of movement, but, only for a limited time.  When it comes to stress it can be alleviated but only for a short while, you will return to the stressful situation and your stress level will instantly rise.  For many people the best massage to get to relieve your stress is a Swedish massage:

Swedish Massage

What is involved?

This type of massage is actually the basic form of many different massages; all of which are based in western science as opposed to the Chinese energy based massages.  The massage will usually last between one hour and one and a half hours.  During this time you may enjoy a gentle massage or a more vigorous; depending upon what you have asked for and what your body needs.  The masseuse also has their own style which may influence the type of massage you receive.

The starting point to any Swedish massage is to apply massage oil to your skin; this is often warmed before it is applied.  You will then feel the massage therapist gently stroking your body allows the oils to soak into your body and warm up your muscles.  As the oil works its way in the massage will become more intense as knots and other muscular injuries are targeted.  It is important to be honest with your therapist before starting a session, particularly regarding any injuries as they may need to modify their approach over these areas.

Why it’s good for stress

The Swedish massage is adjusted by the masseuse to fit the needs of your body.  They can gently but firmly work their way over your entire body leaving you feeling completely relaxed; this is certain to de-stress you.  However, Swedish massage can also include much deeper, more aggressive massaging techniques which allow the therapist to target problem areas within your body.  The benefit of this is that you will feel better, more relaxed and less stressed.  No matter which approach your therapist takes a Swedish massage can be adjusted to fit your needs and ensure your body is relaxed.  The more relaxed you are the less the stress of the modern world can affect you.

Of course you will find your stress levels returning after you massage as you will still be under the same pressures as you were before.  The only true cure for stress is to remove yourself from the factors which cause you stress; this may mean a complete life style change.  If you are not prepared to do this, then a Swedish massage is one of the most effective ways of receiving temporary stress relief.

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