Steroid Use- Dangerous And Long Term Side Effects

There are lot of horror and stories that we hear everyday which are the results of steroid abuse. Even though a person is not misusing or abusing the steroid, in long term they may see many side serious effects.

Long term use and damages by steroids:

Few of the side effects caused by steroids are mild and temporary. Some of them are decline in sex drive, muscle fatigue, pain in injection site, tingling sensation at the injection site, and headaches.

Even after long term use users will not go to doctors, try clinical trials, studies, and examinations. This is because long term users are usually the ones who purchase and use steroid illegally.

Along with many reasons, like abusing the design of the cycle is also a main reason which can cause side effects in the long term. The risk and dangers of the long term side effects will be enhanced when steroids are used in stack and they are combined with drugs like HGH or human growth hormone. Users go for these options to accelerate the results.

Majority of the athletes and bodybuilders go for pyramid steroids. This is nothing but starting with lowest possible dosage and then gradually increasing it. Till they reach a peak they increase the dose. Then gradually decrease the dose before tapering off. Later they start again the same process.

Steroid Use

Long term steroid use and Damage To Major Organs:

Even though a person follows any one method like pyramiding, stacking and cycling it is difficult to avoid side effects and health consequences in long term. Even with proper use, steroids can result in side effects. The common and dangerous side effects found in long term are swelling in heart muscle, intestines, and all over the body.

Other side effects are

·         Kidney damage

·         Liver issues

·         Changes in blood cholesterol levels which is really unhealthy can lead to higher risk of stroke and heart attack

Along with these dangerous effects, long term use of steroids can also result in functional and structural abnormalities in brain.


One more adverse effect which results from long term steroid use is addiction. Majority of the users end up in becoming steroid dependent. Even though there is high risk associated with illegal use of steroids for long term, even when it is used for medical reasons patients may experience side effects. That is the reason careful monitoring of the steroid use is highly recommended. The dependency of steroid is caused by myoactive and psychoactive effects.

Other side effects associated with long term use:

Some of the most common side effects of long term use of steroids are

·         Suppression in normal function, of the hormone glands this may include adrenal glands, testes, and pituitary gland.

·         Osteoporosis or thinner bones, which may fracture easily

·         Potential for cataracts

·         Users may develop diabetes due to the higher blood sugar levels

There is chance that long term steroid use like anabolic steroid and corticosteroids can lead to many adverse side effects. The severity of the side effects usually depends on the application methods and the forms of the steroids used like topical, oral, or injection. Steroids have the ability to effect a person’s emotional, mental and physical wellness. Steroid s can result in some side effects which will later lead to conditions and medical issues which cannot even be reversed.

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