Sexual Deficiencies In Men

Some of the common sexual dysfunction in men includes ejaculation disorder, erectile dysfunction, and inhibited sexual desires. Any physical problem which affects a person psychologically which leads to lack of sexual activity in person is known sexual dysfunction.  It can affect any age people dye its health problem. Sexual disorders are not related to single body part rather it is affected by many problems in body system which leads to sensation in the penis and causes an erection.

Types of sexual dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

There is some major sexual dysfunction in men which are discussed below.

  1. Too quick orgasms (premature ejaculation)- it is a major problem in which orgasm occurs just after or in very short time of sexual activity. It may be during masturbation or while having intercourse with a partner. Although this can be removed by doing self-treatment also by using lidocaine spray. It contains numbing agents that will help in preventing premature ejaculation.
  2. Delayed ejaculation(too slow orgasm)-it is also known as retarded ejaculation which makes a man inactive or too slow for getting an orgasm. In some other cases ejaculation not achieved at all. On an average, if a man takes more than 30minutes for ejaculation then it is said to have delayed ejaculation. About 4 percent of men are affected by delayed ejaculation.  Excessive uses of alcohols or drugs are the main cause of delayed ejaculation.
  3. Low libido(lack of interest in sex) – is caused due to excessive stress, depression, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance, etc. To increases libido, one should eat fishes, bananas, and other fats. These foods also provide blood circulation and lead to a healthier sex life.

Various causes of sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be caused by many reasons such as lowtestosterone levels which means hormone of testosterone is not developed properly that’s why penis erection cannot happen easily or size of the penis not increases. High level of drugs can also sometimes causes sexual difficulties like the medicine of high blood pressure can reduce immunity of testosterone hormones and can cause sexual dysfunction.

Sometimes nervous system failure can also lead to sexual dysfunction as the nervous system is directly related to our sense organs. So once brain will not detect any sense from body parts it will not react in that way and hence erection will not occur.


Sexual dysfunction makes a person moral very low he cannot feel very much confidence in his own ability in any work because sex in men’s power to show his manhood. Once a person loses that power he will never feel good in anything. So it is necessary to always look at some options to treat your sexual disorder. It is better to by Cialis online which a medicine to remove sexual dysfunction completely and you can again start feeling like a normal man.

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