How to Set Calorie Intake for Lean Muscle Mass Gain?

When you have set a goal to increase lean muscle mass, you have to consider two things seriously. One is to exercise with the right technique and the other is to eat right calories. When you get into the gym, you only focus on lifting heavy. People think that only by doing strength training, they will increase their muscle massand this will take them to their desired goal.

How to Set Calorie Intake for Lean Muscle Mass Gain?

Working out with dedication and with the aim to achieve something is good, but in the same way you have to ensure that you are fuelling your body to build new muscles. If you are not doing it in a proper manner, then I am apprehensive that you may not go too far. Let us have a look what you need and how you can use your calorie intake to increase your lean muscle percentage in your body?

YourMaintenance Requirements

You need to find out that how many calories do you require in maintaining your present state of your body. How many calories do you require to increase your muscle mass and once you are aware of this,then you can easily maintain it. You cannot put your sincere efforts in the right direction to achieve your goal unless you don’t know how much calories you need daily. You need to start from somewhere and this is your starting point. Health products will also bring astonishing results when used at safe levels.

Add To 50 Calorieto Your Eating Plan

When we need to get rid of excess body weight, we are supposed to decrease our calories, so in order to increase our muscles, this is natural to consume more calories than we require. Adding to 250 calorieare sufficient to increase muscle mass. You cannot go and increase more calories without understanding the repetitions. Your body can build a specific amount of muscles in a day so if you will consume more than the limit. This will increase the fat percentage in your body because body cannot utilizeall, it will store it for difficult times in the form of fat.

You may have heard that slow and steady wins the race so keep this in mind and you will gain around 3 pounds in a month. A woman can increase 100 to 150 calories in a day, whereas men can opt for 250 or more calories or as directed by their physical instructor.

Re Evaluate

In case you are not getting desired results you need to re-evaluate you’re eating plan as well as your exercise regime. It may happen that you have hit a plateau after gaining some body weight. This is the time when you need to increase your calories further. You have to adjust your calorific value according to the results. If you can manage your eating plan properly, then I assure you that you will find yourself on the right track to build lean muscle mass. Soon you will find yourself where you can manage the things on your own. In the beginning you need to do simple changes in your lifestyle like including exercise in your daily routine and consuming good food. There are many supplements, which will also bring good results when used at safe levels.

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