How to Select the right Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Drug addiction is a terrible and potentially life threatening disorder.  It is one that many people fall into through a variety of other issues going on in their lives.  It is also something that the rich and famous are often associated with due to their ability to pay for the drugs and the ease in which they can be supplied.  The addiction will slowly take over your life, you will lose the ability to focus on hobbies, work, friends and even your family; your entire purpose will become about where your next ‘hit’ is coming from.  Drug addicts also tend to eat badly and can suffer from a variety of health issues resulting in disability and even death.

Accepting you have an issue is the first step towards recovery.  The second is choosing the right center which will help you to make a full recovery and stay clean.  Toronto based is an example of one of the best center’s you can choose, if you are either prepared to travel or are already in their locality.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

There are several reasons for this and these reflect the items that should be considered before choosing any drug addiction treatment center:

Treatment Options

Every clinic is likely to offer drug replacement therapy; this replaces your addictive drug with a controlled dose of another drug.  This is gradually reduced over time to wean you gently off your drug addiction.  This is usually combined with a course of medication to help prevent the unwanted side effects associated with drug withdrawal.

However, the best clinics will offer a more individual approach and will even have a range of holistic treatment options to aid your recovery.  The emphasis when having this type of treatment is that the whole person must be treated in order to prevent future relapses.  Every person should have a unique treatment method, designed to work for them.


Most clinics offer some sort of aftercare package.  However, when choosing your drug addiction treatment center you should consider how good their package is.  You need to be able to contact someone for support at all times of the day or night, especially in the first few weeks of your return to normal light.  Statistics show that most relapses happen during this stage.  However, you may have a difficult period in your life years after your recovery; will you be able to access the support package then?  A good center like the one listed above will provide you with a lifelong aftercare package.

Recovery rate

It is essential to look at the recovery rate for your preferred center.  The best centers have a very high, if not perfect recovery rate; this is directly related to the amount of support they offer and the quality of their service.  When you are given an individual treatment plan the center are committed to your full recovery; no matter how long it takes.

Cost & Insurance

If you need to pay for your own treatment then the cost of it will play a huge part in deciding which center to use.  However, the importance of choosing a good center should outweigh the potential financial costs.  There are government grants, insurance policies and finance plans which can help you to get the best care possible.


Finally the best centers will have a commitment to your full recovery.  You are more than just a number to them; you are a person who deserves the best opportunity in life.  In fact, the Toronto based rehab center, ART, will provide a lifetime guarantee.  If you complete your treatment and attend twelve aftercare classes you will be given free repeat treatment if you ever suffer a relapse.  You can’t get much more committed than that!

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