Schaumburg Father Aims to Educate Community on Overdose Prevention


In recent news, Schaumburg overdose deaths amongst the city’s youth has garnered much attention amongst the locals.  In fact, a local father who just went through the devastating loss of his son through an opiate overdose has sought to research, organize, compile, and publish the overwhelming statistics on opiate abuse in the United States for all to see in the Schaumburg area so that public awareness is brought up on the issue.

This father and many other parents like him who have lost a child to a drug overdose have had the reality shock that the main reason for the allowance of teens to abuse drugs and alcohol in the greater Chicago area is mostly because the truth of the issue is not projected nearly loudly enough.  So for this father, the mission is to raise public awareness so that local parents will talk to their kids about opiate abuse and to stop them from abusing before they even take their first dosage or hit.

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The Effects of Drug Abuse

Some of the facts and grim truths that these parents are pushing out into the Schaumburg populace are that:

  • Roughly half of prescription drug users get them free from a friend or relative, not from a dealer.
  • A lot of time because of how many new users there are each year with prescription drugs, medical emergencies resulting from prescription drug abuse increased a staggering 132% over the last seven years, with opioid involvement rising by 183% alone.
  • Because of all of these grim statistics, in 2013 only 16% of Americans believed that the United States is making progress in its efforts to reduce prescription drug abuse.
  • From the time period between 2000 through 2013, the age-adjusted rate for drug-poisoning deaths involving heroin increased for all regions of the country, with the greatest increase seen in the Midwest, with Chicago now being labeled as the heroin capital of the world.
  • Sadly, heroin is now a very, very major issue in the United States, and it is particularly dangerous in the Midwest, though all states have seen a pretty intensive upswing in heroin abuse and addiction.
  • In the year of 2000, non-Hispanic black persons aged 45–64 had the highest rate for drug-poisoning deaths involving heroin, (a staggering 2.0 per 100,000).  However, in the year of 2013, non-Hispanic white persons of the ages of 18 to 44 had the highest rate of a staggering 7.0 per 100,000.  This means that heroin has in a big way become a middle class, white man’s drug.

If enough attention is put on to the issue, then the abuse statistics and overdose death rates will gradually decline, and it is hope that Schaumburg is one of the first areas that can finally begin to handle this grim and disturbing area.

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