Why Does Running Seem Hard Sometimes?

Almost every fitness enthusiast loves running. The breeze in your face, burning fat and the fact that running can be a great stress reliever attracts many people into this great form of cardio vascular exercise. Even if you are not a fitness enthusiast or are not training for any competition in particular, there may be days when you cannot find the reason why you just can’t run! Sometimes it is just impossible to comprehend the 3 miles you breezed through last week is almost slow as walking this week. Is it you? Is it your health? These questions come to all our minds.

Learn What You Are

In other words, observe how well your body is tuned up for the run. It is only natural that every runner may face an “off” day. Research shows that if the glycogen level in your body is depleted, you may face this feeling. The reason behind this can be attributed to low blood sugar and sometimes over training. To prevent a burnout, the best way to approach this is to scale back on the training itself. Try repeating the same training schedule for two weeks in a row. It will prove useful since you are not pushing yourself to reach tougher targets and your body gets accustomed to the routine. Fix your low blood sugar with a pre-workout carbohydrate rich snack which will help improve your performance.


Sometimes, muscles being contracted can also be a reason for your “slow down”. When you have high muscle tension, you will be at a peak and ready to go, however when the tension is low, you will feel sluggish and lethargic. Improve your muscle tension by a quick warm up on a rough surface or even having an ice cold bath will help.

Make Your Brain Follow You

Your sub consciousness and consciousness plays a major role in your success and failures. Similarly, while running also, your mind plays a very crucial role and physical state. Mental fatigue often leads up to runners falling behind on their schedules and workouts. Having a strong mental state of mind is also very important for achieving your targets and not feeling that you have slowed down.

Thinking about something specific helps clear out the hormones giving into negative thoughts and helps prepare you for a run. You can then start expecting your hormones to rapidly start producing endorphins which is very important to keep you active.

Having your own set of positive phrases is also quite important. Always keep repeating your go – to keywords to keep you active and ready for taking on the gravel. Say the words over and over to activate the frontal lobe of your brain which helps shut off all negative thoughts. Also, having a wild imagination can be helpful to get your brain to obey your orders. Imagine you are riding a chariot and the runners ahead you are your horses and they are pulling you along. Yes, it may sound funny, but by the time you realize it, you may as well be half a mile ahead in your run.

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