Few Reasons Why the Air Conditioners Make Noise

If you have installed window air conditioner in your bedroom then you must have noticed that while running the air conditioner there is a humming sound produced. The noise level is usually is not so high that it will disturb your sleep, but it is considered to be an irritant. As the air conditioner becomes old the noise level may slightly increase.

The air conditioner mounted in a rectangular box contains compressor and condensers. There is a fan inside the compressor that rotates when the compressor is turned on and therefore it produces little humming sound as soon as compressor gets turned on. During the installation time the installing technician will assure you that he has used all the necessary fasteners to reduce the vibration, however with time they tend to get loosened.

There are number of air conditioner companies available in India e.g. Hitachi, Samsung, Lloyd, LG, Voltas and Blue star however this problem is common to all the brands of air conditioners available in the market.

Following are few reasons of noise generation in air conditioners in general and window air conditioners in particular.

Air Conditioners Make Noise

  • Foreign objects

If any foreign objects are present within the air conditioner, you can observe sudden increase of noise in the air conditioners. Mostly such type of thing can happen with window air conditioners since its outer part remains exposed to outside where there are chances of any flying debris entering into the air conditioner. Also, sometimes rat or lizard can make entry into the air conditioner, which can be source of noise generation.

  • Fan blades

The fan blades may get hit by any foreign object, which in turn damage the fan blades. Also, if the fan blade breaks up due to any reason and it rubs the fan housing, which too can produce uncomfortable sound when your air conditioner is running.

  • Vibration

Window air conditioners are usually weighing more than 50 kg with number of moving parts. Such a heavy unit is mounted on the window and in case its mounting becomes loose then it can create vibration in its body and that can generate noise. This can be fixed by the mechanics that are responsible for installation.

  • Front grille

In order to maintain the air conditioner, you may have to open the front grille too often for cleaning filters etc. If you fail to fix it back properly or if the locking mechanism gets defective then also a noise can be observed. You may either need to set right the locking mechanism or replace it.

  • Insufficient lubrication

If the fan motors are not sufficiently lubricated then too there is a chance of noise generation. As these fan units are concealed and therefore you will need to get the service from authorised service agent of the company to open the seal and lubricate the fan motors.

  • Compressor

Compressor unit generally creates noise in any air conditioner. If the noise is at very alarming rate then perhaps it has exhausted its life and needs replacement.

In order to set right the noise problem of air conditioners you must seek help from an experienced mechanic.

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