Is It Possible To Gain Weight Back Immediately After Recovering From Illness?

Most of the people around the world often look for information about losing weight. However, there is always the other way around. Some individuals are also looking for ways to gain weight they might have lost due to certain issues. Let’s take a look at some points to focus more on ways to control weight loss.

Reasons behind weight loss

There can be several reasons behind weight loss. Injury can result in weight reduction, so can seasonal illness, treatments like chemotherapy, and food poisoning.

London-based St Thomas’ Hospital’s specialist dietitian Lynne Hubbard recently interacted with journalists and shared her opinion about weight loss. She tried to put more light on the subject.

Gain Weight Back Immediately

Hubbard suggests that certain injuries, including burn, use body fat and muscle to repair and recover. Individuals suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, cystic fibrosis can turn underweight due to the high amount of energy consumed by the body while suffering from such medical conditions. Even head injury caused due to accidents can result in drastic weight loss.

Yes, it’s easy to gain all the lost weight back

According to Hubbard, individuals who wish to gain weight should opt for energy milkshakes and high protein shakes, as these items are reliable compared to others. It’s not easy to gulp down such drinks though. You can always buy such drinks from health shops. But, if you are opting for something strong, or powders that may trigger side-effects, you should get prescription and dosage recommendation from your doctor first.

As mentioned earlier, drinking something with unflavored powders can be a weird experience. So, Lynne Hubbard suggests people consume such powders by sprinkling them on top of ice-creams. Users can also consume them by mixing them with hot chocolate or milkshakes.

Another popular idea is to consume tasteless powders with full-fat yoghurts and rice pudding mixed with custard.

Along with protein powders and shakes, snacking on various types of nuts can prove to be the best source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins for those willing to gain weight. Nuts won’t ruin your mood for meals because they won’t fill up your stomach quickly.

Now, when it comes to weight gain, you need to keep that perfect balance between food consumption and physical activities. You may not be able to avoid usual activities like walking some distance while on the way to your office, supermarket, college, etc. However, you should try to avoid heavy exercises that are usually performed to reduce weight. Make sure that you keep a balance between the amount of food consumed and physical activity performed throughout the day.

Even film stars do the same. They follow proper food and exercise and easily reduce, put on weight according to their movie character’s requirement. You can also refer to other tips that suggest how to gain weight fast for skinny guys. Perform exercises and create diet plans only under the supervision of a dietitian or medical professional to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

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