Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test Confidently with These Tips!

There are many organizations where random drug tests are carried out on employees. Many people who are prone to taking drugs are scared that they will test positive for the swab test. Beating a mouth swab drug test is pretty difficult as smallest particles of drugs get detected in this test, which might go unnoticed in urine tests and blood tests.

How the oral drug test is carried out?

Many people do not know that human saliva is a kind of refined plasma. This is the reason it can hold back sufficient amount of metabolites for more than 36 hours. There are two ways in which the tests can be carried out – by placing of strips on the tongue and by swabbing.

Swab Drug

In the strip test, the strip is put in the mouth of the individual and it soaks saliva as much as possible. There are antigen dyes on the strip and they can detect drug metabolites easily. In case the strip changes color, it means that the person tests positive for the drug test. If there is no change of color, it means that the person is free from drugs. In the swabbing test, the swab needs to be scrubbed thoroughly in the lower part of the cheek, between the gums and under the tongue area for minimum 2 minutes. Ensure that the amount of sample collected is sufficient.

Tips on passing the mouth swab drug test successfully

If you are an occasional drug taker, you will definitely be thinking as how to pass a mouth swab drug test successfully. Usually components that are detected through a mouth swab test include alcohol, cocaine, PCP, opiates, cannabis, methamphetamines, barbiturates, ecstasy etc. Follow these tips for passing a saliva test:

  • Eat meals that have high fat content. Eat a high fat meal before 1 hour of the oral drug test. The process of drug absorption is speeded up through this. Chances of drug metabolite detection are decreased in the mouth as a result.
  • Chew ice as much as possible. This helps in natural rinsing of the mouth. The saliva in the mouth is diluted and the proportion of the drug metabolites is reduced.
  • Take some Altoid mints. This will help in concealing the drug chemicals inside the mouth successfully.
  • Proper brushing of teeth is very important at least 3-4 times a day. Concentrate on areas like the tongue, the cheeks and the gum line as these are the areas from where the swab is taken for the test.
  • Use ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice and household hydrogen peroxide as these change the acidity level or pH level in the mouth. As a result, the mouth swab drug test comes negative.
  • Invest in a detox mouthwash. Wash your mouth thoroughly with this mouthwash before the test and you are sure to test negative for the test. Smallest traces of drugs are washed off with such mouthwashes.

Though these tricks can help in passing a mouth swab drug test, the best way to stay clear in this test is by saying no to drugs altogether.

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