How Long Before Complete Facelift/Necklift Recovery?

Face lifts and neck lifts are types of cosmetic surgery most often carried out to reduce the effects of aging. As people age, they can develop deep creases in the facial tissue. Tissue in the face can also begin to sag, creating jowls or double chins. Neck tissue can also sag.

Cosmetic surgery can be very effective at removing creases and sagging tissue. However, surgery does involve invasive procedures in which incisions must be made. Patients may experience pain and discomfort until the tissue heals. Additionally, there will be some bruising and swelling following surgery.

Recovery times vary from one individual to the next. The extent of the surgery also plays a part in how long it takes to recover. In the rare event that complications occur, that can delay recovery time.

Facelift Necklift Recovery

The answer to the question also involves defining what exactly a patient means by recovery time. For some patients, it means when they can be up and about again. For others, it means when will all signs of surgery disappear. They may not want to appear in public until there are no visible signs of surgery.

Most patients are free to go home the day of the surgery. They will be asked to come back the following day so that the doctor can check the wounds. People are advised to avoid doing anything that might stress the wounds during the first few days. However, most people will be able to comfortably do non-strenuous tasks a couple of days after surgery.

For the majority of people, most of the bruising and swelling will have disappeared two weeks after surgery. Any bruising and swelling that is still visible after this period can usually be easily covered up with makeup.

If you are planning to have face lift or neck lift surgery and you still want to look your best for some upcoming event, then you should allow plenty of time for full recovery. Most plastic surgeons would recommend you have surgery not less than six weeks before such an event.

It is advisable for people to plan to take one to two weeks off work while recovering. Patients will be offered medication to relieve pain following surgery. Pain medication can affect a person’s ability to function normally. People should avoid driving, or operating machinery, while they are on pain medication.

If you have any questions about recovery times, contact Greg Ganske. Greg has carried out numerous face and neck lifts at his clinic in Des Moines IA, and will be glad to help you.

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