New forms of physical activities have been emerging and that is why many people are getting benefitted with what they are doing. Gyrotonic is the same kind of the modification that is seen as major turnaround factor in pilates. The benefits of the latter form of exercise remains the best till date because your body does not undergo any severe form of exercise therefore the results are gradual but sustain for a long duration.

This form of exercise requires you to focus more on the pelvic and the umbilicus zone. This is known as seed region and is responsible for providing the strength and vitality to your body.


Which zones do Gyrotonic focus upon?

Spine is that part of the body that has a lot to do with proper movement and keeping your body in good shape. Because of the wrong posture and faulty way of sitting, our spine undergoes major change and that is what results in troubles that take a very severe form later on like slip discs and so on. Gyrotonic helps you come out of the problem as it focuses on keeping your body straight and upright so that you rarely get troubled owing to this.

This form of exercise helps the body and blood flow to work against the gravity thus casing the body to have a lighter feel.

Breathing and Gyrotonic!

Breathe and the way it controls the whole body and mind so there are various techniques that one should adhere to for having a wholesome life. Breathe can control the thoughts therefore it is best suited for those who are under constant pressure and strain.

What Gyrotonic is all about!

This form of exercise is basically the combination of following types of exercise:

  • Swimming
  • Ballet
  • Gymnast
  • Yoga

This combination was basically the earlier form of Gyrotonic that was known as Gyrokinesis which later on acquired other forms.

There are many eminent celebrities who have taken up Gyrotonic which is basically the healing form that has brought several of them out of the strains and injuries their bodies have undergone.

Principles on which Gyrotonic works!

Under this program, there are various principles that make the whole program. These are as follows:

  • Intention: it is stated that a lot depends upon what kind of thoughts you are having before starting any exercise
  • Stabilization through Contrast: focus remains upon making you stretch more, instead of stabilizing your body at a single place
  • Decompression of the joints: joint movement is the mainstay of this principle because they remain the most immovable parts of the body which leads to stiffness later on.
  • Coordination and movement and breath: breathing pattern has a lot to do with the overall mental and physical well-being of the body. So many exercises related with breathe are also carried out

The equipments used help the natural movements of the body so that the flexibility gets increased instead of making you stiff and tired.

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