A guide to using DAA Supplements

DAA supplements come in the form of capsules or powder. It is also known by the name D-Aspartic Acid, and while it was a rare drug once, it is now wisely popular and easily available.

This anabolic steroid is used in muscle building and to enhance the activity of testosterone in the body. Unlike the other forms of testosterone drugs, it is fast acting and doesn’t change into estrogen, which makes it a favorite.

Side-effects of using the drug

There are side-effects of using this drug when the administered dosage isn’t as per recommendation. These would include water retention and bloating. Although there is no need for an anti-estrogenic ingredient when this drug is being used, it should e remembered that when it is used, it will shut down the body’s natural testosterone production. So, it should be avoided in post cycle therapy.


The use alone is not really preferable. This is because when D-Aspartic Acid alone is used, there can be an effect on the libido and cause the body’s natural testosterone development to suffer. Hence it should ideally be stacked with other steroids to get a complete and comprehensive effect from its use. In certain cases, it is also possible that the user may suffer from hair loss or acne. If a user has suffered side-effects from the use of any other testosterone drug, he is at greater risk of these issues when he is on the drug too. As with any other steroid medication, this needn’t be the case for everyone. It varies greatly on an individual basis, and with different severity.

If any of the smaller side-effects such as acne or hair loss are observed, these can be combated with suitable medication simultaneously, and the use of the drug needn’t be stopped. In fact, it also acts as an anti-estrogen, and where only a moderate amount of steroid is used, this drug can even act as the anti-estrogenic factor in the cycle of use.

How the drug should be used

The effects of DAA supplements are very effective in competitive body building. The difference and benefit of using the drug in comparison to other androgenic steroids is that there is less water retention. As a result, when it is chosen by body builders, the muscular structure is found to be more rigid and less watery. Tight muscles are more attractive and look stronger. The various details on the muscles, such as striations and ridges are more defined and give it an attractive finishing.

Not everyone can benefit equally from the use of this kind of steroid. The body structure of the user has a bearing on the effectiveness of the drug. It is more effective in people with lower body fat percentages. The preferable maximum is body fat of 10%, any amount above this would not see as much effectiveness from the use of this drug.

As with any other drug, to obtain maximum benefit, it is necessary to support the use of the drug with a balanced and healthy diet that is rich in good fat and protein rich foods.

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