Growth Hormones And Their Knowledge

Human growth hormone abbreviated as (HGH) is secreted in the body by the pituitary gland. In most cases, the body produces adequate levels of growth hormone for the issues of health and wellness.The athletes and bodybuilders take the HGH products in the form of injections and over-the-counter dietary supplements, most men take 1-3iu per day.

Growth Hormones

  1. to accelerate muscle growth,
  2. stamina,
  3. endurance,
  4. and athletic performance.

Holistic knowledge

Human growth hormone is manufactured in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is located deep at the base of the brain. It receives instructions to increase or decrease growth hormone by the hypothalamus.The hypothalamus is often considered the body’s thermostat of sorts. It maintains a number of autonomic functions including heart rate, body temperature, fluid levels, and has an influence on appetite, sleep, and numerous additional physiological and psychological functions.When the hypothalamus wants the pituitary gland to increase production and secretion of growth hormone into the body, it releases a neurohormone called growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), which triggers the pituitary gland to increase production.When levels are adequate, the hypothalamus sends messages to the pituitary to stop producing growth hormone. It does this through the transmission of another neurohormone known as somatostatin.Growth hormone secretions into the bloodstream trigger the synthesis of insulin-like growth factor-1 in the liver. IGF-1 and the conversion of growth hormone into the bloodstream initiate cellular growth, replication, rejuvenation, and repair to numerous types of cells and tissues in the human body, including muscle. It is this impact of growth hormone factors on muscle growth and development that make the product so attractive to bodybuilders and athletes.

In addition to promoting growth of bone and muscle, human growth hormone is responsible for taking part in regulation of numerous body functions such as Maintenance of optimal body fluid levels , body composition

The legalities of the supplements

Human growth hormone has a huge influence and impact on a number of body systems.Not only is injecting growth hormone or anabolic steroids like testosterone into the body considered cheating by a number of sporting and athletic organizations around the world, misuse can also contribute to a number of alarming side effects and adverse reactions.Injections are designed to replace growth hormone that is not manufactured in adequate amounts by the human body. This is often the result of damage, disease or trauma to the pituitary or hypothalamus gland. Injecting HGH into the body when levels are within the normal range based on age can be a dangerous proposition and lead to a number of side effects  most men take 1-3iu per day. The most common injectable human growth hormone side effects include: nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, increased cholesterol levels, increase or decrease in blood sugar levels, edema (swelling most noted in the hands or the feet), unpleasant sensations on the surface of the skin (numbness, tingling, pins and needles), muscle weakness, hypertension, organ enlargement (including the heart and the intestines). However it is always necessary that you take the advise of the doctor before taking these supplements.

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