How to Get Injectable HGH Legally 

Why would you Use HGH?

Sometimes, as you’re bodybuilding, you need a little boost that doing things normally just can’t give you, especially as you age and your body doesn’t build muscles or naturally produce as much HGH as it used to. There are many supplements on the market claiming to build muscle mass or help you lose weight. Trouble is, they don’t work as quickly and it’s possible you’ll want to start looking into prescription for HGH medications.

Injectable HGH Legally

Getting the Prescription

Getting prescriptions for HGH medications is the only legal method to get injectable HGH. Getting them from the black market can result in fines and jail time. There is also no way to guarantee that the products being sold illegally are safe and dealing with (often armed) criminals presents its own set of hazards. The best way to get it legally is to see a doctor.

Since injectables are a rather extreme measure, and come with side-effects, especially if misused, the doctor is going to want to know why you would need this. They will run tests to make sure your body is producing the appropriate amount of HGH. The appropriate amount depends on various factors including gender and age. If your body is producing enough HGH, it is highly likely that your doctor won’t prescribe it. It’s also likely that even if they do prescribe it that it will be expensive. Unless the doctor lists it as a medical necessity, your insurance company probably won’t pay for it.

Safety Issues

Even if you do get the prescription for HGH and insurance does cover it, HGH comes with side-effects. As such, you should only use HGH under careful supervision of a medical professional and only take as much as they direct. It can cause like edema in the joints, or uncontrolled muscle growth. Permanent deformities can result. The side-effects often differ depending on the brand but these are a few general ones you should be aware of. Although these things are less likely if you’re using HGH to get your body back up to normal levels, if you use HGH to exceed your body’s natural production, the safety issues increase. This is especially true if you overuse HGH and why you need to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. You should use caution if you have had things like cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure, among other things.  

Other Legal Options 

Should your doctor be unwilling to prescribe HGH, there are other options that don’t involve committing with crimes or putting your life at risk dealing with criminals. There are some supplements that can be used to enhance HGH. These are legal and tend to be safer but the trade off is that they don’t work as fast. You can also legally purchase HGH from pharmacies outside of the U.S. using the Internet. Sites like this one sell HGH. This can save you money since this is cheaper. However, you should still take care to report anything to your doctor. HGH cocktail drink can be beneficial but like every other kind of medicine should be used carefully.

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