Dianabol Results: A Knowhow

Dianabol is very effective in treating osteoporosis. When it comes veterinary use it is mainly used to accelerate the tissue repair and healing after injury, enhance the protein retention and protein retention. Like many other anabolic androgenic steroids even Dianabol can be used to enhance the muscle bulk. It can also exaggerate male characteristics.

How it works

It works by enabling muscle tissue to retain more nitrogen. Nitrogen is found in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins and is essential for the synthesis of proteins in the cells, thus it boosts protein buildup and muscle develops quick.

Diabonol shows its action in body by interfering in the three functions. Learn more from the advanced cycle charts for Dianabol.

Dianabol Results

  1. Glycogenolysis:

It is the process of breakdown of Glycogen into glucose.  Carbohydrates are the major energy sources for the body, which is generally obtained through diet. The excess carbohydrates are converted into glycogen in our body. With the use of Diabonol the process of glycogenolysis is increased resulting in increased energy levels.

  1. Nitrogen retention:

The nitrogen retention is more when using Dianabol. The more the nitrogen retention the more will be the anabolic activity.

  1. Protein synthesis:

Proteins are the basis building blocks in muscles. With the increased nitrogen retention, there will be synthesis of more proteins. As the nitrogen is the major compound present in the amino acids, the building structure of proteins. It also helps in enhancing the muscle strength.


Dosage levels are highly individual specific, depending on the person’s weight, gender, workouts, goal to be achieved and health factors of the individual.

Steroids also to be get through prescription and should not be tried on their own.

Generally the dosage levels range from 30-50mg per day with a steroid cycle ranging from 4-6 weeks.

It can also stack with other steroids like Anadrol, Sustanon, and Trenbolone.

For beginners who never went for steroid treatment, it is advisable to take a dose of 15 mg per day for a period of at least 6 weeks. Then they should go for a break of 2-3 weeks. After this rest period, if results has not found can go for a higher dosage level. Beginners should never take more than 25mg per day and should use for at least 6 weeks.

Body builders or experienced can go for 50mg per day.

The primary metabolites of the Dianabol can be detectable in the urine samples of the users. And a recent study showed hydroxymethyl metabolites in urine for upto 19 days after a single use of 5mg oral dose.

Check online reviews of Dianabol

The best method to get trust about the supplier is reliable is to do research about the products and online stores before purchasing them. The online sites consist of reviews and ratings about the steroids provided by the previous users who bought. It is helpful in getting sure in purchasing the apt Dianabol products from the correct online suppliers. If have any doubt in purchasing the products online you can ask anyone and take recommendations of the athletes.  You can also test the products by yourself.

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