The Best Meal Replacement Shake Reviews

Losing weight can be really difficult. You have to find the motivation to go to the gym everyday, track your food and, hardest of all, eat much less than the average person. The most common reason people fail is due to lack of time.

A good diet incorporates many meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. However, it is very hard to find the time to prepare and eat six meals a day. Meal replacement shakes are a great option for those with a busy schedule. They come in a wide variety of incarnations to choose from—bars, smoothies, shakes and other small meals that can replace one of the six you are supposed to eat. It’s most common to have a meal replacement in shake form. This is because liquids are so easily absorbed by the body and nutrients can be taken straight in through the digestive track.

There are also a lot of different flavors for the shakes. There are topical flavors like banana and mango. Then there are more traditional flavors like French vanilla and chocolate.

With the market flooded with so many options, it can be hard to choose the right shake for you. For this reason, we have carefully compiled a list of meal replacement shake reviews for your consideration. This list was compiled after having read through hundreds upon hundreds of reviews. There is no particular to the meal replacement shake reviews, so just peruse and take your time to make a decision!

Best Meal Replacement Shake Reviews

Soylent Ready to Drink Food

Soylent Company made their meal replacement because they were tired of preparing their food and paying for groceries.

After doing some intense research, they came back with a very nutritionally sound product with all the nutrients you need for your day. Best of all, Soylent is constantly improved upon and new varieties are offered pretty frequently.


– 100% vegan

– Good for smoothies

– Shelf life is 12 months

– No refrigeration needed


– Very little variety of flavors

– Not organic

– High fat

– Only contains 20% of your daily vitamins

Orgain Organic Nutrition

Organ meal replacement is supposedly the first diet shake that is organic to hit the market. A physician and cancer survivor founded the company in 2008 who said he wasn’t happy with the selections on the market at that time. He said that the majority of shakes on the market had high fructose corn syrup which may as well have been pure sugar. His decision to focus on only the best ingredients with the finest nutrition paid off.


– Great tasting

– Good variety of flavors

– Organic

–  No additional sugar


– Only one size

The price is really reasonable considering this product is completely organic and the majority of reviewers found Orgain to taste great and have a plethora of flavors to choose from.


IdealShake’s main focus is to curb your appetite. On it’s website, it claims that it can stop your hunger for up to three hours and can be used to replace one or two meals a day.

The shakes are around 100 calories a serving and have some of the best flavors on the market we’ve seen. There are 21 different vitamins and minerals; the nutrition profile of this shake is great.


– Good flavors

– Low calories

— Low sugar

– Good appetite control


– The sugar may be low but it still does contain sugar

– The shake ends up a bit watery

– Apparently the customer service is not so great

Amazing Meal

Amazing Meal is organic and chock full of great probiotics. It’s target crowd is those who don’t want soy or milk products in their meal replacements but still want probiotics.

Amazing Meal has a lot of Super Foods which energize you throughout your day. The shake is full of protein, vitamins and nutrients to keep you active and going.


– High protein

– Extremely low sugar

– Has caffeine

– Very high probiotic count

– Organic


– Only 12 Vitamins

– Low fiber

– High price

Supposedly, this shake will replace your cup of coffee during the day. Many people agree with this and say that they feel energized after drinking this product. The taste is very good but the high content of probiotics may cause you to go through some periods of hunger at first. However, after a few days, your body will return to normal and those feelings will pass.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal

RAW Organic Meal has a ton of key nutrients and vitamins in it and it is always an organic product that will keep you very energized. The shake has all the nutrients you need as well as enzymes and probiotics. A lot of meal replacements don’t contain probiotics, so it is always a good thing when one does. Garden of Life also contains a lot of Super Food which is very important to proper nutrition and especially important when you are on a diet.


– Vegan and organic

–  Tons of vitamins and minerals

–  Tons probiotics and enzymes

–  Great price


– Not so good texture

– Protein is a bit low

Many people reported a heightened level of energy with this shake and some people even use it as a pre-workout boost.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of the best meal replacement shake reviews. Happy shaking!

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