An introduction about Tinnitus

Tinnitus is hearing problem in which you feel a ringing or hissy sound in your ears. But this is not going to affect your hearing capacity. It is a disturbance you feel because of this you get depressed and you will not get enough sleep due to the disturbance. But the hearing loss due to other issues like wax formation, infections and other damage ear functions. So a regular checkup is advised with an audiologist. Tinnitus is classified as acute and chronic. Acute tinnitus is a temporary problem which comes due to some infections and can be cured. But chronic tinnitus is due to some hearing loss which may continue for two to three years. If you feel any kind of issues like this, just approach the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) professional for consulting. A study found that about 40 million Americans are suffering due to Tinnitus hearing issues. If you live in New York and feel some kind of ringing sound in your ear, please find a tinnitus doctor nyc and get treated before it gets worse.

An introduction about Tinnitus

Chronic tinnitus management

The chronic tinnitus is a permanent ringing sound in the inner ear for more than one year. This is going to suffer you for a long period. This problem is identified in many patients and reason could be the damage of any neural inside the ear. By cutting down the nerve it may be cured. But identifying the nerve seems very difficult. This may not have cure but you can reduce the pain by managing it by keeping it in control. You have to give less attention to the noise by regular practices. People who exposed to harmful sound environment like factories and heavy machinery department has to protect their ears with buds or by noise reduction head phones. The noisy environment is considered to be the reason for tinnitus.

Like said earlier, the tinnitus cannot cause any hearing loss but any hearing loss can cause tinnitus. For many people the reason for tinnitus is unknown. But it could be one of the following reasons.

Infection in ears

Build up of ear wax


Alcohol and drugs

Tumor and nerve damages

Still there is no exact treatment for tinnitus but you can manage to have normal life with help of any tinnitus doctor nyc who tests your acoustic effect of tinnitus and guide you follow some kind of management to be active as normal people. The one thing is not too focused on the tinnitus sound instead of this, you can continue hear songs and busy yourself in job you liked the most. While sleeping, you can choose best pills for deep sleep. The environment sound can be amplified to suppress the tinnitus and that way you can have you healthy life back. Some herbals are found to be effective in controlling this tinnitus but not approved or prescribed by any doctors. Some medications are followed as tinnitus management which can bring the positive effect of brain cells. The main reason reported is noisy environment which has to be avoided under all the circumstances.

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