5 Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

Our mind is the centre of our life. It is the engine that allows us to achieve our daily goals. It is normal that sometimes we find ourselves lower in energy and feel that we forget things, that we distract more easily, that we take wrong decisions, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to think clearly, etc. Mental fatigue is often accompanied by feelings of sadness, irritability, anxiety, stress, worry. These feelings produce dissatisfaction and unhappiness, which in turn make you inefficient. We have prepared this article tell you how to boost your mental power, to help you be productive throughout your day.

Mental Health

1.Hydrate properly

Water is a source of mental energy. It helps your body perform its processes, such as digesting food and improves your metabolism. This, in turn, contributes to the health of your brain. Some studies have found that students who drink water during exams improve their grades by 5%.

Take a bottle of water with you if you have an important meeting, an exam, or you face any situation that requires high levels of mental energy.

  1. Breath properly and be aware of how you breath

We can get mental energy through conscious, healthy breathing. For example, if you feel anxiety, stress, or feel upset, breathing slowly and consciously can get you into a self-control mode that, with a little practice, will prevent your mental energy from collapsing in critical situations.

A very basic breathing technique consists in keeping a straight back, place the hands on the belly and inflate the abdomen with each inhalation of air. The goal is to let flow the air that could be accumulating in the upper part of the chest so it can flow to the belly. Be sure that the duration of each inhalation and exhalation is balanced.

Sometimes, it is inevitable that daily tasks get increasingly harder every day, giving you no time to keep up, so if you feel exhausted, even after using this technique, on the harder days, you can resort to stimulants such as kratom to help you maintain your mental energy levels momentum.

  1. Increase your exposure to sunlight

Sunbathing increases your mental strength. Dedicate portions of your day (15 or 20 minutes), to enjoy the sunlight. If possible, be in contact with nature, such as out at a park. It will also help you to work or eat meals in open spaces with plenty of natural sunlight. Make sure to take cautions ahead of time; the sun can cause you trouble with your skin or eyes, so, be careful.

  1. Improve your diet

Follow a diet that gives you all the nutrients you need. If you want to improve your mental power, do not settle for just eating well: show interest in the food you buy, its composition and nutrients. Organize your weekly diet and participate in the preparation; dare to follow new recipes. Being creative in the kitchen it’s constructive to mental energy.

  1. Laughter stimulates positive mental energy

They say laughter is the best medicine. Some research shows that laughter promotes mental processes that are contrary to psychological problems such as depression or insomnia. Laughter is beneficial in every context, improves mood and stimulates the movement of facial muscles, making you look better along the way.

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