5 Benefits of Chyawanprash that you didn’t Know Of

Wrinkles, fine lines and grey hair have become quite a common sight among today’s youngsters. This could be attributed to unhealthy eating habits, lack of regular exercise and rising levels of pollution. Although there is no substitute for a regular exercise regimen and a balanced healthy diet, Ayurveda has a solution to the above problems – Chyawanprash.

Chyawanprash is classified as a ‘Rasayana’ which implies that it acts as an anti-aging supplement and helps in rejuvenating the body. Here is a list of benefits that you didn’t know which will get you hooked onto the spoon of Chyawanprash you tried to dodge as a child!

Benefits of Chyawanprash

  1. Strengthens the immune system 

The key action of Chyawanprash is to boost the immune system. It does this by supporting the body’s ability to produce white blood cells and haemoglobin. A change in season usually increases the chances of getting a viral/fungal or bacterial infection. Chyawanprash provides essential protection to the body and keeps you healthier and vitalised. 

  1. Removes toxins 

Oxidation is a process that produces free radicals that can cause damage to cells. In order to curtail the production of free radicals and oxidation of molecules, antioxidants are required. Ayurveda utilizes herbs in order to purify the blood which often gets accumulated with toxins over time. Now, you can buy Ayurveda medicines online at Zigy.com andget your daily dose of antioxidants. The chief component of Chyawanprash is Amla (Indian Gooseberry) which is considered as a super food and contains antioxidants such as phenols, flavonoids and Vitamin C. In fact, an average gooseberry contains Vitamin C, 20 times greater than that of an Orange. 

  1. Revitalizes the reproductive system

It is said that this nutritive jam was specially prepared to restore youth to an elderly sage. Chyawanprash is made of 49 such herbs which rejuvenates the body and revitalises the reproductive tissues. Generally, Chyawanprash promotes fertility, a healthy libido and overall strength in both men and women.

  1. Improves Digestion

According to Ayurveda, digestion begins with the sense of taste and Chyawanprash has five out of the six tastes we can experience. It promotes healthy and regular metabolism and helps in maintaining appropriate blood glucose levels, supports regular elimination and improves digestion on the whole. It also helps in the absorption of the nutrients from the food we consume. All of this leads to glowing skin!

  1. Anti-ageing property

Anti-ageing supplements are available in abundance in both physical and on many an online pharmacy India. Unlike its anti-ageing counterparts, it can be bought easily, at a more economical cost and has proven results without any side-effects.  Being a super-concentrated mixture of fruits and herbs, it maintains youth and optimal health and acts as an excellent anti-ageing and anti-stress agent.

Essentially, Ayurveda promotes healing ailments and restoring balance to the body by incorporating herbs and fruits.  Ayurvedic medicines act as the best alternative due to this reason and ensure a healthier life. It’s simple to buy these preparations through Zigy.com, the most reliable online medicine platform. Live Better!

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